Lord Darrin Tyrren

Lord of Castle Steinhall


38 years of age. A strong and able man.


Lord Darrin Tyrren, first born son of Devin Terryn, Lord of Steinhall greatest brewery in all the seven kingdoms, first of his name. 38 years of age. Married to Lady Kaillya Tyrren. Father of; Derrick Tyrren, 16, first born son and heir apparent to Steinhall; Gwyndolyn Tyrren, 14, first born daughter; and Tavis Tyrren, 8, second true born son. A strong and just man of the riverlands, he holds loyal to Lord Hoster Tully. Brown of hair and brown of eyes. Sent his own brother to the Night’s Watch for bringing shame unto the house by watering down the beer to meet quota during the Greyjoy rebellion.

Lord Darrin Tyrren

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