Krieg Mormont

Household Knight

Age 22
Gender Male
Trait Value Emphasis
Agility 3 none
Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B
Training 1B
Athletics 3 none
Awareness 2 none
Cunning 2 none
Deception 2 none
Endurance 5 Resilience 1B
Strength 3B
Fighting 6 Axe 2B
Spear 1B
Healing 2 none
Language 2 none
Knowledge 2 none
Marksmanship 2 none
Persuasion 2 none
Status 3 none
Stealth 2 none
Survival 3 Hunt 1B
Thievery 1 none
Warfare 3 Tactics 1B
Will 4 none
Intrigue Defense 7
Composure 12
Combat Defense 6
Health 15
Armor Rating 10
Armor Penalty -6
Bulk 6
Defense Bonus 4
Destiny Points 1
none function
weapons dice damage
Long Axe dice function
Full Plate special details
Ursa Bear Animal Cohort
other gear
name description
exp: 13/43
glory: 10/12

While many houses in the North can claim to have the blood of the first men in their veins, Krieg Mormont comes from a minor lineage of the Mormonts that are proud to also be able to claim descent from the Children of the Forest. The old Ways and worship of the Old Gods is paramount to the Mormonts of Weirwood Hollow.

Krieg Mormont was always a large child. His mother almost died in childbirth. As a result he has always embraced the path of the warrior. It seems however that the Gods insisted on a more rounded life experience for him, because when he hit puberty he began to have some vivid dreams. At first they scared him, but when he encountered Ursa, deep in the woods of the North and befriended this large black bear, he began to realize the advantage that these special abilities give him in his quest for fame and to reestablish the Old Gods as the predominant religion of Westeros.

Krieg Mormont

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