A Song of Ice and Fire: House Tyrren

Seaguard by the sea?

A return trip from the coast.

After interrogating the only surviving prisoner, the team decides to drag him to Seaguard for further questioning and to see justice. On route, the prisoner sprouts some lovely arrow shafts adorned with black feathers.
Upon arriving in Seaguard the party enjoys the market square and does dome shopping and takes in a puppet show about a Stag and a Dragon fighting over a blue rose. They ask about the arrow with the local Fletcher but gain little. Just that it is fine work and the wrapping seems to be done in the wrong order and direction. As they are preparing to leave they are hailed by Wisdom Malliard and he begs escort as far as Castle Steinhall since it is on his way back to Kingslanding.
Upon arriving back home, as they enter Mead Run there is much commotion as guards are clearing the counting house and ale house due to some barrels that are on fire. Wisdom Malliard rushes ahead to inspect and orders some guards to help him throw dirt on the blaze. He inspects it and determines that the device was meant to throw a substance like wildfire a wide way around the barrels when they exploded. Something wasn’t done right and the back up fuse did not take light either. He requests extra guards for his “spices” and given the service he just preformed, Derrick grants it. During the night two well liked and respected guards are slain and left in the streets.



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