A Song of Ice and Fire: House Tyrren

Big trouble in little Eagleton

Coastal Raiders

Our brave party went to the aid of Lord Darrin Tyrren‘s old friend Ser Roddrick Ryger on the Cape of Eagles. While on route a rider from Castle Steinhall caught the party and informed Derrick Tyrren that his bastard and bastard’s mother was on route to Steinhall and should arrive in 3 turns of the moon. The party also chanced to encounter Septon Meribald who is a roaming Septon in the Riverlands and travels from town to town with his mule, cart, and faithful dog, Dog. After speaking with the Septon briefly the party went on their way.

Upon arriving in Eagleton they were welcomed and met with Ser Roddrick who informed them of the situation. After setting up a battle plan and helping to train up the local guards they finally engaged the enemy who were thought to be Iron Men. After a rather unbalanced battle the raiders were crushed and it was discovered that they were members of the mysterious Brotherhood.



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