A Song of Ice and Fire: House Tyrren

Seaguard by the sea?
A return trip from the coast.

After interrogating the only surviving prisoner, the team decides to drag him to Seaguard for further questioning and to see justice. On route, the prisoner sprouts some lovely arrow shafts adorned with black feathers.
Upon arriving in Seaguard the party enjoys the market square and does dome shopping and takes in a puppet show about a Stag and a Dragon fighting over a blue rose. They ask about the arrow with the local Fletcher but gain little. Just that it is fine work and the wrapping seems to be done in the wrong order and direction. As they are preparing to leave they are hailed by Wisdom Malliard and he begs escort as far as Castle Steinhall since it is on his way back to Kingslanding.
Upon arriving back home, as they enter Mead Run there is much commotion as guards are clearing the counting house and ale house due to some barrels that are on fire. Wisdom Malliard rushes ahead to inspect and orders some guards to help him throw dirt on the blaze. He inspects it and determines that the device was meant to throw a substance like wildfire a wide way around the barrels when they exploded. Something wasn’t done right and the back up fuse did not take light either. He requests extra guards for his “spices” and given the service he just preformed, Derrick grants it. During the night two well liked and respected guards are slain and left in the streets.

Big trouble in little Eagleton
Coastal Raiders

Our brave party went to the aid of Lord Darrin Tyrren‘s old friend Ser Roddrick Ryger on the Cape of Eagles. While on route a rider from Castle Steinhall caught the party and informed Derrick Tyrren that his bastard and bastard’s mother was on route to Steinhall and should arrive in 3 turns of the moon. The party also chanced to encounter Septon Meribald who is a roaming Septon in the Riverlands and travels from town to town with his mule, cart, and faithful dog, Dog. After speaking with the Septon briefly the party went on their way.

Upon arriving in Eagleton they were welcomed and met with Ser Roddrick who informed them of the situation. After setting up a battle plan and helping to train up the local guards they finally engaged the enemy who were thought to be Iron Men. After a rather unbalanced battle the raiders were crushed and it was discovered that they were members of the mysterious Brotherhood.

Previously in Westeros...
Things you should know.
Situation: NPCs involved Notes Notes Notes
attack on Derrek’s return honor guard, unknown bandits arrows had black feather fletching
Derrek’s return tourney unknown archer champion arrows had grey feather fletching
miscellaneous time at Steinhall Gwyndolyn Tyrren, Jessa Foxworthy, Will Cavell they were caught playing “games” behind the brewery Alderick belted his cousin Will hard for his transgression
king’s visit Joffrey, the hound, King Robert Derrek bested Joffrey in a duel over Derrek’s sister’s honor
Taxes arc unknown bandits co-opting the taxes from Mead Run a small piece of a sigil found on the body of a bandit, seems to be a gauntletted fist PCs have determined that Randal Barley requires a steward to keep tabs on him for a while, and dispatch Jon Amber when they return. on the return trip, the team encountered an attack from bandits, Trysten rode them down, and before cutting his own throat the surviving bandit proclaimed “For the Brotherhood!” the sigil upon his breast was a gauntlet-ed hand clutching an arrow with black fletching
miscellaneous time at Steinhall various During the reporting of the taxes encounter, Maester Biddinghall gets poisoned, but manages to cure himself. Some question if he didn’t accidentally take something from his own collection accidentally.
Wedding arc Silvie Willows, Etan hart, Devvin Breckenridge, Ser Kevan Breckenridge the players uncover that Silvie is pregnant and chose to support their banner man and conspired to void Willows and Hart’s love child Ser Kevan defeated Etan in the duel and took his head, Silvie maintained her composure at Etan’s death
return trip sellsword assassin Tavis was wearing Derrek’s cloak when he was assassinated, the assassin had a note describing what the target would be wearing and when and where they’d be passing through, the fletching was grey the hand writing on the note was gentle, fine and flowing
Tavis’s Funeral various The Maester oversees the funeral as Septon Merribald was not due to be through the region again for at least two turns of the moon Derrek is given the honor/duty of lighting the funeral bier as it floats down the river, he manages to do his brother high honors by hitting it with the first shot, square and true
Hand’s Tourney many knights, some thugs Several months have passed since Tavis’s death, Kaillya does not want Derrek leaving the castle, but Lord Darrin allows Derrek to go to Kingslanding to represent the house team did well in melee (but did not win), jousters did honor to their house (but did not win) Derrek took a nasty injury thugs beat up the maester Storm and told him Etan Hart sends his regards

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